If Bulwinkle and Rocky were a commentary on the Cold War when moose and squirrell debuted on national TV in 1959, then what was Woody Allen thinking in 1965? And now forty three years later we have the debut of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin who “can see Russia from my house” per the Tina Fey SNL sketch.

In times like these you need a good laugh. NPR’s “All Things Considered” aired a Palin “lite” story yesterday which ended with Woody Allen’s “The Moose” sketch. I never heard any of Woody Allen’s stand-up jokes outside what he included in his films. Obviously, this is the Woody Allen [back in the day] that Scarlett Johansson couldn’t text message or secretly enter a chat room with.

Take a listen.

    Spew Cue

(refrain from drinking liquids while listening)