I hooked up my converter box yesterday evening in anticipation of the upcoming signal switch from analog to digital on February 17.

It didn’t work.

Maybe because the entire menu on my TV screen was in French. I couldn’t find the English subtitles. I can read the French but I have to set up one of these boxes for my mother. She’s English speaking only. Neither of us have cable on GP (general principle). I do DSL and Netflix.

I’m giving the box set up one more shot when I’m more energetic and less agitated. If I get the same result, I’m taking the f*cking box back to Best Buy (This is the one you buy with your Dept. of Commerce discount coupon).

I’m glad John Podesta, co-chair of the Obama Transition Team is requesting that they move the date and put the breaks on the switch. The networks and PBS apparently agree. I said from the very beginning this consumer conversion was poorly planned by the FCC (approved by the Congress in 2005). No one made the case to the general public as to why we need to switch. What is the greater good? How will it make our lives better? There were no town hall meetings on how to set up the box, and there was no real effort to create effective partnerships with PTV stations, cable companies, and network affiliates to get the word out.

I’m no techno phobe and am pretty sharp when it comes to hooking things up. But HOLD MY EARRINGS!!! C’est wack!!!

Update: After a night’s sleep and some aerobics, I tackled the box again. It’s working, but there are still no English subtitles on the on-screen menu. I have to admit, the picture is much better. But to have an on-screen menu in French — well, I guess it could be Mandarin. Icon literacy required. And I’m up to 6 remotes. sigh