Yesterday, I had a two hour lunch meeting with Bomani Armah, aka “D’Mite.” He’s also known as the “Mr. Read a Book,” a crunk music video that made him nortorious on CNN and with the lit’rate set. We covered a lot of territory about books, music, role models, freelancing, parenting, culture, creativity, and media.

These meetings for me are the “catch up” in matters of 21st century life as well as business. We both ordered Pomegranate lemonades with lunch at Busboys. We talked about building audience and marketing. Bomani is also a poet, producer, and educator. What’s he is NOT is a rapper as his URL makes clear – (You can also reach him at his production site, Park Triangle). Bomani works with youth in juvenille correctional facilities. I’ve got a project coming up to do the same.

Multi-tasking is just a way of life and survival these days.

“Peek-a-Boo” is Bomani’s latest video which will be part of a campaign for Concerned Black Men. [When will 50 Cents or other MCs make their “I love my kids” songs? They’ve got “plenty” material to work with, no?] Bomani’s song is dedicated to his sons, Olu and Dela, and to parents. Take a peek. It’ll make you smile. Link it to your father’s day messages.

Our conversation digressed into summer movies. On my list is “Star Trek,” “Terminator,” “Transformers,” “Harry Potter,” no surprises. Bomani said he’d like to see a “Thundercats” movie made which was one of the cartoon/product endorsements of his childhood. He also said a fan-created trailer was on YouTube. I looked it up. WormyT (WormyTV). The trailer was edited using action film clips featuring Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman. It was loaded in December (I said, I’m catching up.) Watching it makes me think I’m in an episode of “Entourage.”

This is how you get jobs. Put your work out there. Be generous and share. Also add more two hour lunches to catch up on what’s going on in the world beyond the laptop.