Excuse me while I digress for a moment but….

Source:  Reuters
Source: Reuters

Does this look like a set from a James Bond movie or what??? Who’s holding the laser pointer? This is the “conference room” for the G20 Summit inside the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh. The Center is the first and largest certified “green” convention center in the world.

The DLL Convention Center was designed by Rafael Vinoly Architects of New York (with offices in London and LA). The firm also designed the Jazz at Lincoln Center building in NY and Boston’s Convention and Exhibition Center.

A major moment of the summit is that this will be the round table for all future world economic summits — 13 additional seats have been added. It was decided that the [basically Eurocentric] G7 could no longer ignore represent the reality of emerging markets that now include China, Brazil, India and others. So for now, it’ll be G20 to address global economic issues with the top leadership.

Iran’s extracurricular nuclear activities was another major moment. G7 alumni (US, UK, France – entering according to height?) called Iran out on a second uranium enrichment site which was not opened to UN inspectors. Apparently Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was tipped off about the tip off to the US and tried to cover his buttbases with a diplomatic gesture at the United Nations meeting. That may have thwarted an “A Ha!” moment, but it didn’t resolve the issue. Iran is part of the world stage, but that role is still TBD. It’s like a lover scorned flirting with their bad ex’s who got the apartment and kept the dog after the split. Iran is a link in the big global picture’ and their long, history indicates this country is too smart to isolate itself from the rest of the world. They have much to offer. Perhaps that’s the dilemma.

I thought I’d check out Google Trends to see what’s hot on the search engine. Apparently, it’s today’s hot cricket match between India and Pakistan in Johannesburg, SA. Let me guess. This is probably a big deal in that rivalry kind of way. If only these things could be settled on the cricket field provided the fans go straight home and go to bed after the game. This game is for the ICC Champions Trophy. Google trends rates this one “Volcanic” on the “Hotness” meter. The match will be live streamed. Start with the Live Cricket Network. There may be others. But not ESPN.

The President reports back from the meeting in his weekly address.