Each year this blog reposts its favorite fatherhood PSA. That’s no different today. By the way, the phone number to fatherhood.gov at the end of the spot still works. Here we go!

This year I’m adding an audio conversation from StoryCorps via NPR: a conversation between a returning veteran and his young son. Have tissue on hand.

Fathers Day has its own emotional particulars. For fathers, it can be a personal day of parenting reflection and assessment. It’s a celebration of the fathers who love and are loved. For some it’s a time of both celebration and mourning for the great fathers who are no longer with us. Fathers Day is also a curious day of celebration and mourning for the fathers some of us never had. And a time of sadness for fathers who have lost sons and daughters over the years and in recent days to senseless violence, war, or illness.

Gratitude, loss, and love are all part of the package of being a father and being human.

Here’s to finding fathering love.