The death of champion boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali seems to bring the 20th century to its final and definitive close. He called himself “The Greatest.” “Champion” wouldn’t do. It’s rare, when someone calls him/herself “The Greatest” and the title sticks even in times of defeat. Because it’s not about accomplishments and winning, but who you are and what you do with the rest of your life for the benefit of others.

I always said, you can never make a bad documentary about Muhammad Ali. And I’m happy to say they were made in his lifetime. I’ve selected a few of The Greatest’s moments in and outside the boxing ring to post with this appreciation and with love.

If heaven is where he aimed to be, I seriously doubt they’ll even ask his name. “The Greatest” has arrived.

Eternally “Great-ful”.

“When We Were Kings” (2010)
The famous 1974 “Rumble in the Jungle”. The show of all shows in Zaire when Ali fought champion George Foreman. Boxing, music concerts featuring the Fania All Stars. Can’t beat this.

CBS “60 Minutes” interview with Ed Bradley – this interview covers Ali’s life with Parkinsons and a humanitarian trip to Cuba. (1996)

“The Trials of Muhammad Ali” (2013) – Ali battles public opinion, the U.s. government, and sacrifices everything (career, title, fortune) when he refuses to answer the draft and enlist during the Vietnam War.

CBS News – Muhammad Ali prevents a suicide by talking a man off the ledge (1981)