Yesterday, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the Cold War embargo between the United States and Cuba is coming to an end. Normalization of U.S.-Cuba relations will enter a brand new era. Truth be told, hints of the thaw, were apparent in 2008 even in Little Havana. And oppositiono about the announcement will begin to sound like the crotchety old guy yelling “get off my lawn!”

The bulk of the GOP comments suggested that, for now at least, the conservative base remains firmly committed to keeping relations with Cuba in the deep-freeze where they have been for half a century. That position, however, is increasingly at odds with the view of the electorate at large.

Washington Post

Even the Pope has given his blessing after making a divine intervention. Others played parts too both secular and sacred leading up to this moment.

Questions still remain re prisoner exchanges. For one American (Alan Gross), Cuba welcomes back three nationals arrested for spying in the U.S. Two more Cubans remain in custody. Will there be another prisoner exchange? Or an exchange of prisoners for U.S. political fugitives. The next chapter is yet to be written.

Something tells me the last 2 years of the Obama Presidency will not have a lame-duck finish. Fasten your seatbelts….