Pie is the President’s favorite dessert. So, if you’re a baker in the DC area, enter the The Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT! Pie Baking Challenge presented with Eatonville Restaurant. The contest is looking for the BEST HOMEMADE PIE in the Washington, DC metro region. First Lady Michelle Obama has dined at Eatonville 3 times.

No fees or purchase required to enter. Home and amateur bakers 18 years and up residing in the Washington, DC metropolitan area only have to submit a pie recipe (crust and filling) and the pie story. 12 semifinalists will compete in the first public judging held at Martha’s Table. The final five round will be at Eatonville Restaurant. A portion of the proceeds from the contest support Martha’s Table, the 2013 beneficiary.

Entry forms are due February 4, 2013 and available online at www.shoutbakingchallenge.com.

First prize for the winning baker is $500, your winning dessert featured on the Eatonville Restaurant menu, $250 gift card from King Arthur Flour, and a 3 hour consultation with Operation: Eatery on getting their own baking business started on the right foot.

The Makes-Me-Wanna SHOUT! Baking Challenge is creating community around food by baking and making memories.