Labor Day Parade in Detroit, MI (1942). Source: Library of Congress

Summer officially ends for the northern hempisphere September 22 at 10:49 EDT. Where are America’s Labor Day parades today.

As Goes Janesville,” a documentary by Brad Lichtenstein, follows the story of how the community of Janesville, Wisconsin recovers and reinvents itself after the loss of its century-old General Motors plant in 2008. The closing of the plant took the town into its worst recession since the 1930s (the Great Depression). Local leaders and workers in Janesville try to rebuild and reinvent what was once a booming GM town. Janesville happens to be the Republican Veep nominee, Congressman Paul Ryan’s hometown. “As Goes Janesville” will broadcast on PBS stations in October on the series “Independent Lens.” Look for free public screenings of “As Goes Janesville” at ITVS Community Cinema venues throughout the U.S. What’s happening in your community around labor today?