There’s red meat in Iowa. The Republican Iowa Caucuses. Any predictions? There’s plenty of them. Who will pull out an upset? Is this blog ready to take notice? Nope. Too soon to tell. Party establishment operatives are still at working removing tea party fat. New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida. Conservatism? Rare, medium, or well done? The U.S. map becomes a carving station for the Republican party ticket. Will there be political blood on the floor in Tampa come August?

It’s January and I’m starting to feel a draft.

Ebert adds some flavor to the predictions for 2012

1. Jeb Bush drafted to be the Republican presidential candidate. Romney on ticket as VP.
2, The media starts talking about the American Elect third-party movement.
3. Hillary Clinton replaces Biden on the Democratic ticket.
4. San Francisco wins the SuperBowl.
5. Hawks cool the Heat in the playoffs.
6. New N.B.A. stars – Durant and Curry.
7. The Prince comes to the Washington Nationals.
8. A major earthquake hits the US
9. The governor is forced to “Walk” in Wisconsin.

10. Lady Gaga kicks off everything tonight.