Mourning roses cast by sympathizers float in the lake near the island of Utoya, Norway, Sunday, July 24, 2011. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)
Mourning roses cast by sympathizers float in the lake near the island of Utoya, Norway, Sunday, July 24, 2011. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

The tragedy in Oslo is very disturbing. I’m sure many Muslims around the world breathed a sign of relief when Anders Behring Breivik was taken into custody to be charged with the bombing of a government building and the brutal shooting massacre of youth at a state sponsored camp. Terrorism under “God, Christ and country” is terrorism none-the-less. He may not have released weekly videos, but Breivik wrote a “manifesto” titled 2083: A European Declaration of Independence. Dare I print it to continue the siege on humanity? Or do we have the right to know? E. Ethelbert Miller wrote on his E-Notes blog:

The problem of the 21st Century is going to be that of religion. Notice how today’s newspapers suddenly seem to have discovered the term Christian extremist. Anders Breivik the person responsible for all the chaos has written a 1,500 page manifesto. We know what he believes – no way we can ignore his narrative. We can’t say the man is crazy. Breivik has a way of looking at the world and he’s not alone. Welcome back Crusades. Why did Breivik target the young people on Utoya island? Here is what one will find reported in The New York Times today:

“Organized by the youth wing of the ruling Labor Party, the camp has become a kind of multicultural incubator in recent years. Many of the victims in Friday’s shooting were the children of immigrants from Africa and Asia who have begun to stake out a greater role for themselves in Norwegian society.”

The above fact is not being widely reported. The last thing we need is a race war too.

I shared this post with Ethelbert, written by Jason Boog at Galley Cat:

In his horrific manuscript, Breivik wrote about different classifications of “traitors,” or individuals he felt could be killed during his imagined revolution. In his handbook, he suggested that revolutionaries consider attacking both “literature conferences and festivals” and “annual gatherings for journalists….”

Breivik had this chilling note about targeting journalists in his manifesto: “in Norway, there is an annual gathering for critical and investigative press where the most notable journalists/editors from all the nations media/news companies attend … The conference lasts for 2 days and is usually organized at a larger hotel/conference center. Security is light or non-existent making the conference a perfect target. ”

Here is the section where he wrote about literary festivals: “This is where many cultural Marxist/PC authors (the disgusting cultural Marxist and traitorous bourgeois elite – the Marxist-Leninists’ of the 68 generation (or sympathisers of this group) meet and socialise. Prioritised target groups make out the bulk of the participants who attend certain literature conferences and festivals: Writers (90%+ of these individuals support multiculturalism and usually portray their world view through their works), editors and journalists in cultural Marxist/multiculturalist publications, [and] a majority of individuals related to various “cultural Marxist/politically correct” cultural settings and organisations.”

Writers beware!

If anyone wishes to read the entire manifesto, they will have to consult Galley Cat and other resources. It will not be posted here. Nor will this blog post the glamor shot of Breivik circulating on the front pages around the globe. Next thing you know, we’ll learn he’s a C.S. Lewis fan.

Should Christians launch their own PR, damage-control spin?

I’m aware of and often feel the hunger to know “why.” There are times we the people get the chance to know especially if the culprit doesn’t fit the profile of the more “usual suspect.”