House Hearing on Home-grown Terrorism (read Muslim per Rep. Peter King – R-NY) happening now on Capital Hill. No comment until I see how this is going to shake down. The whole idea, attitudes, make up, and motives of the people asking the questions are questionable. But some interesting information may come from it. Teaching moment? Will there be mention of the arrest of a man linked with a white supremacist group who planted a bomb on the route of the MLK, Jr. parade in Spokane, WA? We’ll see.

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Update: Emails coming in on the hearings.
From Sarah Sayeed, President & Co-Founder

Dear All:

Here is a tearful testimony by Congressman Ellison:

My good friend, Talat Hamdani (Sal Hamdani’s mother) is sitting behind Keith Ellison (his right). This woman has dedicated her life to taking a stand that Muslim Americans are part of the fabric of our country.

I encourage Rep King and others to conduct their research and carry out whatever hearings deemed in the interest of our country and our safety. There ARE detached and unrepresentative elements among us Muslims that need to be weeded out – the world over.

But it is a disgrace in American history, just like the persecutions of countless other seemingly threatening “others” (minorities) in our past, to have King look into this as though a potential epidemic needs to be stemmed and a stigma need be applied to the word “Muslim”.

May God bless us all.