When I saw chef Nathalie Dupree‘s name on the list of authors for the Capital Bookfest, an annual event that features African American books and authors (now expanding from PG County into several communities) , I didn’t really blink. Nathalie is well-respected as a southern food chef, and she can throw down some fried chicken. She’s very honest about her food which makes her a “sista girl” in that circle of southern chefs black and white.

But when I saw that she is jumping into the South Carolina Senate race as a write-in candidate, that’s when I blinked. Maybe 10 times. The 11th hour decision is a challenge to both the Republican candidate DeMint, and the waaay outside over there Democratic nominee Marvin Greene. But her primary target seems to be DeMint who has a comfortable lead on Greene in the polls.

“I’m going to make it clear that Jim DeMint doesn’t care for the people of South Carolina as much as he does for his own ego.”

Nathalie wasn’t the most graceful person in front of the camera for her PBS cooking shows, however, the food made up for it. She knew it, inside out.

“I want to cook his goose,” Ms. Dupree said of Mr. DeMint. “And it’s time to bring home the bacon.”
— from New York Times

Will there be stuffing with the goose?

Read Nathalie’s take and recipe for Skillet Buttermilk Fried Chicken.