The New York Times has a handy oil spill tracker on-line. This is useful for making vacation plans if you’re considering a coastal retreat in the eastern U.S. .

If only the pelicans, whales and dolphins could read it. Where is their Harriet Tubman? The spill is approaching being the largest oil disaster in the Gulf’s history. Don’t you just love being #1

President Obama will address immigration in a speech to be delivered at approximately 10:45 AM today at American University. Most cable and radio news outlets [in DC anyway] will carry it live. Or go directly to As the immigration battle rages in Prince William County, Virginia state lawmakers are considering moves similar to Arizona including a “driving while brown” law for police to stop vehicles and persons and check immigration/citizenship status. Is there tracker for persons to avoid hostile spills while traveling brown, black, olive, red?

Updates: Transcript of the speech available here.
The Arizona state government has recently released their training video and information for police officers, or in their own words “Peace Officers” (that threw me off), on enforcing SB1070 in a way to avoid accusations of racial profiling. You can view the video and read the handouts here. The Arizona state government has made the information public.

(mural painting by David Fichter)