I’m still trying to figure out how obstructionism is the most effective strategy especially when its played out to the point of just shutting down any and everything. President Obama specifically calls out Republican “leadership” for obstructing the work of getting the nation’s business done. Here are some of the things left hanging on the “to do” list:

– Extension of unemployment benefits
– Relief provisions to states
– Home buyer credits
– Jobs programs
– Raising the liability cap on oil companies (as BP’s mess continues to spread)
– 136 appointments to administration positions

You start to wonder with a President expecting the Congress to function as part of a functioning democracy, have they determined that the job’s just too hot for them to handle in these rough times and during mid term elections? Are the stakes too high for mistakes that can make or break you? Is it just easier to force the hand of the executive office to call all the shots and then shoot down the decisions to turn the political tide?

So whose ass should be kicked to get the nation’s business done? Or is it up to the American people to do more than watch, but move the gridlockers to [as the old timers said] “S**t or get off the pot!”