Folks on the Gulf Coast – and across America – are rightly demanding swift action to clean up BP’s mess and end this ordeal.

Has the President assigned blame fro the oil spill disaster to BP?

First and foremost, what led to this disaster was a breakdown of responsibility on the part of BP and perhaps others, including Transocean and Halliburton. And we will continue to hold the relevant companies accountable not only for being forthcoming and transparent about the facts surrounding the leak, but for shutting it down, repairing the damage it does, and repaying Americans who’ve suffered a financial loss.

Shared blame? Hopefully the Americans in this sentence include the ones who are not in the oil business.

But even as we continue to hold BP accountable, we also need to hold Washington accountable.


Though the President has signed an executive order to create a special bipartisan Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, the fact remains that no one has figured out how to contain, control, or better yet, stop the underwater gusher from spewing out so much oil into the waterways, even Moses would throw up his hands in defeat.

Would this Commission be putting the cart before the kicking horse? Not really. It may be logical to address and put into place the necessary regulations, weed out the special oil interests within the current structure, and perhaps take concrete action.

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There Will Be Blame
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Or has that horse already left the barn.