This weekend’s $100K speech at the Tea Party Convention was just one of many Sarah moments of the week topped off by the disclosure of her manual “palm pilot” to remember 3 key conservative issues of her fan base: Energy, Tax Budget Cut, Lift American Spirits.

Will someday in time people re-enact the 2008-2009 Palin speeches and debates as they do for Lincoln or MLK, Jr. birthday celebrations? Oops. Sorry Tina [Fey]. I almost forgot.

I’ll be perfectly frank. I don’t know why the media chases after Sarah Palin or even raises the idea of her being a serious option to lead a nation EVER. Sure, she’s just another brand of identity politics, but most important Sarah sells. My sister reminded me, she meets the 5 requirements for a news story in a market driven culture:
1. Contradiction
2. Conflict
3. Controversy
4. Characters
5. Colorful Language

These are the 5 Cs on the media consultant’s Power Point doc for getting your message, or any message out to the general public. Remember them people. I’m sure Ms. Palin’s handlers may have it “ritten” on the inside of her arm.

Or maybe this is all satire.

Young Frankenstein by Mel Brooks (1974)

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Sarah Palin Uses a Hand-O-Prompter
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