While the “Today Show” was trotting out another Tiger Woods “transgression,” Geoge Stephanopoulis was transitioning into his new schedule as the co-host for ABC’s “Good Morning America.” And I have to say, I thought George looked pretty good next to Robin. And I kinda like the new under-hyped tone of the morning show.

It was also a first day for JuJu Chang. Chris Cuomo moved to 20/20. Diane Sawyer moved to Charlie Gibson’s seat at the evening news desk. It was Gibson’s retirement that set everything in motion. I always enjoyed the friendly banter of the “Today” show anchors and the views of Rockefeller Plaza. I’m usually walking away from Times Square where “Good Morning America” has their picture window. (Good thing this isn’t 1979 Times Square.)

But this was the rare morning I wasn’t upset the digital converter box wasn’t picking up the NBC signal.