The President did double time this week with his weekly address and the eulogy he delivered today at the funeral mass for Senator Edward Kennedy in Boston.

It’s the 4th anniversary of the devistation that hurricaine Katrina unloaded on the Gulf Coast. Today, Michael Jackson would’ve turned 51, had he lived. Spike Lee threw him a party in Brooklyn without the guest of honor, of course. Michael in death will be for some, what “cash for clunkers” has been for car salesman. And as usual, in the end, the lawyers always win.

But President Obama’s message looks to Katrina and the Gulf Coast. I couldn’t help but notice an article in The New York Times about the flood victims in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They were the news story last year. It’s tone is a “What about us?” or as Michael put it “They don’t really care about us.”

I’m seeing floods and natural disasters becoming more of the norm than the exception. Pretty soon we’ll say they come in 3s.