The Congress goes on summer recess at the COB today, but something tells me this will be a working vacation. Keep your Blackberry’s charged.

The health care reform debates march on. It’s just breaking up into small group discussions, state-by-state, city-by-city, county-by-county. This conversation is going local and the President will probably take a piece of the show on the road.

The House eaked out a deal not just with the Blue Dogs, but progressive Democratic party members. The Republicans drafted another plan that favors the insurance companies with guaranteed profits and deregulation. It’s also sketchy on the extent of covering the uninsured. This one’s penned by Tom Price (R-Ga). Though the Republicans say it’s fully paid for, the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t put this one through the fiscal stress test, yet.

New deadline for a health care reform bill – mid-September.

Tonight, “Bill Moyers Journal” follows the health care money trail. Tune in on PBS. Visit

August 15-16, 2009 is the Fee Free Weekend at all U.S. National Parks. For persons living outside Washington, DC, this is your opportunity to enjoy a national treasure the way we do here – for FREE. For a list of national partks by state, go here.