I happen to be browsing on the JackandJill Politics blog, and decided to take a look at this Politico widget – The White House calendar. As my schedule is too full sometimes to commit to my blog as I’d like, I thought I’d take an easy out, copy some code.

7:47 tonight the President and the Vice President are hosting a poetry jam. Hmmm. I know E-bert would like that one. In 2003, then First Lady Laura Bush wanted to give poetry its due until the poets led by publisher Sam Hamill wanted to give the White House its poetic due about the Iraq war. And then there was none. The event was called off.

That was a beginning for Split This Rock/DC Poets Against the War (there’s also Hamill’s Poets Against the War). Their second poetry festival is coming up in 2010. Split This Rock is also collecting haiku poems for President Obama. Pencil one in.