E-Notes/E. Ethelbert Miller is back on-line from reading poetry in Abu Dhabi which brings my attentions back to eclectique|916. Writing E-Notes blog for a few days put me in touch with my inner haiku. I guess this is what happens when you blog for a poet.

Back to the ecletique life. As usual the news puts a hiccup in the eclectique life:

Toxic Books – insert Leadbelly
No this is not your book banning story, at least as we’ve come to know it. Libraries, Goodwills, second-hand book stores and the like re removing children’s books from the shelves (printed before 1985) that are suspect of being printed with a lead-based ink. Congress passed a law last in August to remove lead-based products from the consumer market.

Don’t Bring Home the Bacon

Bacon is one of my favorite, favorite foods. But now the results are in: daily consumption of red meat (beef and pork) raises the risk of dying prematurely. Sausage, coldcuts and other processed meats are included. Well, I guess that means no turkey bacon either. Darn!!!

Nicholas Hughes – son of poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes – Commits Suicide
I shared this with E-Notes over the phone yesterday. Never underestimate depression or ignore its genetic patterns. Nicholas Hughes died in Alaska.

Paul Krugman Still Thinks Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s Toxic Assets Bank Bailout Plan Sucks
He uses the word “dispair.” I’m not sure where Krugman stands with me on the economics guru scale, but I keep reading.

Tough Job Market is Prompting a Growing Number of Women to Dance in Strip Clubs
I guess there’s an upside for somebody in hard times.