Yesterday, soon-to-be-former President George W. Bush hosted a gathering of the ex’s and the President-elect Barack Obama at the White House. Great topic for a photo op.

Years ago, I read an article in Glamour magazine about body language in photographs. The author was a psychologist. She was on the money about the state of relations between celebrity couples based soley on their paparazzi shots (Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid). So why is former President Jimmy Carter so far away from the rest of the pack? I get that this isn’t exactly a Frank, Dean, Joey, Peter, and Sammy moment. Or maybe I’m reading too much into this, but then check out this AP video of the photo op moment when someone asks everone to get in closer.

Speaking of Presidents…one of my things [that seems to surprise people] is that I read Presidential biographies. I’m tempted to pick up the Andrew Jackson biography. I’m intrigued. And I admit, I will browse Laura Bush’s memoir when it’s released. She just signed with Simon & Schuster and, I understand, got a $1.6 million advance. Apparently, the soon-to-be former First Lady had no problem shopping the project to publishers. Maybe one day she will be one of the featured authors at the National Book Festival that she co-founded with the Library of Cognress. We’re keeping our fingers and pages crossed that the Library of Congress will continue the annual event.

Some Presidents may not have been favored in office, but make interesting reading. Any recommendations out there for great Presidential biographies? First Ladies (to date) included.