There’s been a lot of hand wringing going on over the cast of millions (3-4 million) expected to descend on our sleepy capital city for the inauguration of Barack Obama on January 20th.

And as usual, DC residents are being encouraged to step up their best survival skills — stock up on groceries, fill the tank, pay the bills. And then step back — don’t drive, don’t leave the house, don’t even think about asking for a ticket to the event from your Representative (even though official instructions say that’s what we should do). But Congresswoman Norton has been working on off-Mall sites. Updates from her office are posted here:

6 hour waits to get on the Metro platform are anticipated – service has been extended to 4 AM. We don’t have enough cabs.

Where do we put 10,000 motorcoach buses? Hotel rooms are booked. Maybe Charlottesville, VA has a deal. See another President’s house. No room for out-of-town bands. No room in the inn.

1 toilet for every 6,849 people. Do I have better odds with the DC Lottery?

Good advice from inauguration veterans include paying the neighbor’s kid with the new licence to drive your old car and give you door-to-door service to and from the ball. Hopefully you won’t have a pumpkin on your hands the next day.

Arrive at the party on time before the Fire Marshall closes the party down. You don’t want to be standing outside the door holding your $200 ticket but can’t get in.

So my sister brings up this point – If Washington, DC can’t handle an inauguration like this, what makes the city think it can handle an Olympics? There was a time that DC had an Olympic dream.

How many DC residents are really cashing in on the inauguration? Will one lone weekend binge get us through the winter/recession?

Word has it (from the NY Times) that one of the options under consideration is for Obama and Biden to do a day of community service as part of the Inauguration weekend. Maybe the inaugural hand wringer needs to get more of the “Yes We Can” spirit.

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Update: D.C. Councilmember-At-Large Kwame Brown has added an Inaugural Blog to his his official web page: