After a day on the road delivering sandwiches to poll workers and an interview with a freelance radio journalist, I’m now seated with my computer for live blogging at Busboys and Poets. The restaurant is at capacity and its just 7:16 PM.

Busboys and Poets is Obama country. We’re in the Langston room and I have to keep my cell phone close for other friends to get in. CNN is on though I wish they’d—what is this Jessica Yellin hologram??!! She looks like a Star Wars character. I’m going to see if they will switch the channel to MSNBC. CBS used to be my election night constant, but I guess this is not my regular election watch night is it?

All the press is at the front of the restaurant so I miss a chance to have my 5 minutes of fame by hiding out here at the reserved table in the Langston Room. At the polls in VA I noticed some people with these labels that said “Joe.” I don’t think they were talking about Joe Biden.

Oops sorry, I had to take a moment to talk to my Councilmember, Jim Graham who’s sitting right in front of me at our “reserved” table. Jim Graham is a seasoned poitician, so he can probably hold our hands – the newbies.

Indiana seems to be in some real serious play tonight. Cheers in the restaurant for Indiana. Kentucky (surprise surprise) projected to go for McCain (8 electoral votes); Vermont project for Obama (3 electoral votes). The night is young. I’ve done all-nighters for presidential elections for as long as I could vote. The night is young.

McCain seems to be ahead in the early reporting. For Florida. I still get chills about Florida. I guess I haven’t gotten over 2000 yet. There are a lot of 2000 traumas out there.

I’ve switched to Nate Silver’s I could use some straight numbers crunching and not CNN drama.

Back to the atmosphere here at Busboys which is pretty mixed. The lights are low so it will be tough getting video. I’ve got a flash on the camera.

Oh geez, they’ve got the touch map going on CNN.

Geez FLORIDA. The rooms is electric. Obama bumped up 14 points.
Come on Indiana!

7:40 PM

North Carolina is in play for Obama! Florida is crazy. I got a heads up about Florida. But we’ll see if the rumors are true.

8:01 polls closing and here comes the east coast basket of goodies for Obama: cheers! NJ, MA, DC, MD, ME, DE, CT. I think I lost my hearing when DC popped up.

Boos for OK. Oh well, I guess it ain’t O-K after all 🙂

NC is kickin’ for Obama. A shout out to my fmr. colleague Lori Clark. I called her in panic mode during the primaries. You go girl!

8:16 Looks like Hagan’s knocked out Dole in NC for the senate Seat. I don’t know what happened with Libby Dole. She just imploded. She listened to the wrong people and took them up on their offer. Oh well. I’m sure the DNC isn’t complaining.

My Councilmember Jim Graham is sitting next to me. Maybe he can hold our hands – us political newbies.

Dole ticked up a bit in NC. We’ll see.

I hear NPR’s calling PA. Why are we watching CNN!!??? Let me check out NPR online.

Here’s the NPR link. Lookin’ good. WV’s looking interesting. Rockefeller’s back. No surprise there. IN still close. Lots of talking going on. I’m one of many computers in the Langston Room. I saw the reporter from the Guardian UK float by.

McConnell and Lunsford seem to be in a dog fight in KY.

CNN finally catches up to NPR and calls PA for Obama. I guess they wanted high drama because the Langston Room went bananas. Camera flashes going off. Chanting. Yes We Can! Si Se Puede!

Why are we watching CNN???!!

Did I add NH to the east coast basket? It’s an Obama win.

FL getting tight. What’s going on with early voting in TX? Gotta find some friends to get info. WV is looking interesting too. I think people are getting ready for some real action to happen in the next hour.

IL – 21 electoral votes to Obama

9:05 The midwest basket just brought in some goodies for Obama: MN, WI, MI. (NH and RI for the east coast basket). 2 more Senate seats for the Democrats. Libby’s gone. We do a countdown everytime the polls close.

Looks like McConnell’s back. Oh well. Someone text messaged me and said OH has gone to Obama. Why are we watching CNN???

WV went to McCain. No surprise but it was a nice thought while it lasted.

I just finished an interview with a Washington Post reporter. I’m going to need an agent when this is over 🙂

FL, VA, NC – getting tight. Cheers in the room. The TV crews are in the Langston Room. CNN just called OH for Obama. You can guess my next line.

MSNBC is calling NM for Obama. CNN is getting an “D-” on coverage so far.

Big cheers for OH. I’m an Oberlin grad so my heart goes out to OH especially Lorain County. You guys were a little cold on the phones while I was phone-banking, but you came through. Shout out to my Obies.

Okay CNN just did the “impossible dream” scenario for John McCain on the touch screen map. If he gets this, this, this, this, and this, and this, this, and that. Building on the drama and then drop the bomb. Cheers in the room.

Okay CNN finally caught up with MSNBC and NPR. Obama’s got NM. Here’s the new acronym for the night: WAWWCNN???!!! It’s 9:51 PM

10:30 pm
I ordered my first beer. At least I waited until Obama hit 207 electoral votes or maybe it was the OH win. I ordered some hummus for padding.

My sister’s here and she brought in some Obama chocolates made by Manhattan Fruitier.

Got a text message from Corrina in FL who’s at an Ethiopian restaurant for election watch night. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on FL.

The CBS affiliate’s in the room. Am I ready for my close up now. Obama’s a point or 2 ahead in VA, land of my ancestors.
Okay. CNN is doing that crazy Star Wars hologram thing again. Will.I.AM. The force is not with these producers. Maybe if they get rid of the laser outline.

I don’t know if they were the first, but CNN dropped da bomb. We have a new President elect – BARACK OBAMA!!! I had to take time off from blogging to cheer, jump up and down, screen, hug, cry, do the conga line, have a table fall on me (not my fault – that was some other guy). We’re still standing in the Langston room. NPR’s nabbed my sister. She’s going to need an agent too.

We did ask them to cut the music down to hear Senator John McCain’s concession speech. We applauded him. Not so much for Sarah Palin. I’ll leave it at that. Well, got to get my celebration on. I’ll be back later. Folks in DC are partying. CNN’s got a camera outside the White House. People are up to the gate!

My Mom’s been calling folks all night. I finally got her on a borrowed cell. She kept repeating OH MY GOD!


2:34 a.m.
What a night to walk home. From U Street to Adams Morgan, everyone was celebrating. People on the street. High fives down the side walk. A Metrobus driver and passengers cheering. What a night! What a glorious night!