Remember the suggestion Voter Rights groups made for people to take video or camera phones to the polls and record any hanky panky on election day? Well, someone’s got a jump start on 2012 in Wisconsin documenting their son’s hokey pokey for obtaining a voter ID under the new Walker law. The following YouTube video was uploaded July 23 by a woman who is identified as “Nicole” according to the Madison, WI Examiner. And as Gregory Patlin writes in his article:

That should not shock anyone who is aware that Walker is likely to face a recall election in the wake of nine state Senators facing recalls this summer after enacting a law revoking the rights of public workers to collectively bargain with the state government.

This one’s moving up the viral chain. Regardless of the filmmaker’s questions about what this means for homeless persons, almost anyone can be tripped up before they even get to the polls. The video is edited. But the idea of having to go to 3 stations to get a voter ID card makes the point “This is what voter suppression looks like.”

That’s What It’s All About.

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