This year’s — YAWN — “September Issues”

Yes. Cue Lady Dedlock from Charles Dickens’ “Bleak House” (2005 BBC adaptation with Gillian Anderson). I too am bored to death…with fashion, fashion magazines, celebrity covers and their vapid profiles, and this year’s September fashion issues. Perhaps the internet and fashion on demand has runined the impact and significance of September issues. Even the runways […]

My September Issues – the 2011 Edition

Mid August anticipation builds and I start nagging the newsstand shops about the arrival of the September issues – primarily Vogue. I started this draft around September 6 and now September’s almost over. But I’ve still got issues. And those issues are sitting on my coffee table. The September issue is to fashion magazines what […]

The Lady in Red at the State Dinner

My interest in state dinners are all about details: protocols, attire, guest list, entertainment, menu. I’m collecting a little data from last night’s dinner honoring Chinese President Hu Jintao. From jump… First Lady Michelle Obama looked FABULOUS This dress outshines everything on the red carpet of the Golden Globes Sunday. (IMO) House Alexander McQueen produced […]

Eclectique News

JOSE ANDRES: NO MAS RIDGID RIDGEWELLS Star chef and restaurateur Jose Andres was in town this week with his next big thing – the giant paella pan. I believe the Jolly Green Giant size cooker made two public appearances in town this month — at the White House Farmers Market which is open for business […]

Travels with Michelle

Heads of state and their spouses are often not the people to consult for travel tips. Itineraries are meticulously crafted, and even entire environments are altered to give the right impression. I enjoy travel, but I usually (and maybe due to my own financial limitations) experience place on the same terms as a working resident […]