Finding Fathers

Each year this blog reposts its favorite fatherhood PSA. That’s no different today. By the way, the phone number to at the end of the spot still works. Here we go! This year I’m adding an audio conversation from StoryCorps via NPR: a conversation between a returning veteran and his young son. Have tissue […]

Working artist

I kept my worlds very separate and I think when I first started thinking about trying to publish poetry I realized that the business and government worlds that I was functioning in, in a fairly high level, didn’t really respect people that engaged in the arts. And likewise, in artistic communities, people that have substantial […]

Hair Raising

I’m listening to NPR this morning. There’s a story about hair…actually shampoo. Breaking news – “We” don’t have to shampoo our hair every day.” Who is the “we”? Who is the “us”? Who are the “Americans” all of us – the ones who shampoo daily? If you have kinky, curly, or Moe hair, you don’t […]