Eclectique Interview: Lolis Eric Elie, “Treme” the show, the cookbook, the food!

I became acquainted with Lolis Eric Elie when he was a writer for the New Orleans Times Picayunne and co-producer for the documentary “Fauberg Treme” that premiered on the PBS series “Independent Lens.” Lolis eventually became a writer and story editor for the HBO series “Treme” which, in the words of the series’ co-creator, David […]

Time for The Angle Break

After seeing this, buying that latte will have a whole new meaning. Gemal Woods sat down with Kenneth Ferdinand in New Orleans for an hour to record this interview about the first enterprising coffee maker, Rose Nicaud, an enslaved woman who sold her own roasted cafe noir and cafe au lait from a cart. Kenneth […]

Eclectique News

SPIKE LEE’S NEXT REQUIEM After visiting New Orleans for the first time in 2007, I bought my own DVD copy of “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts,” Spike Lee’s HBO documentary about the slow emergency and recovery response to the Katrina tragedy. The documentary was one of the few voices at the […]

Do You Know What It Means…

New Orleans is hot again. I’m not talking about the impeding and insufferable summer heat that is about to descend in 2 or so months, or the high the city’s still riding out from the Saints superbowl win. Shortly after the pilot, HBO greenlighted a second season of Treme (from the makers of “The Wire). […]

Rise! Shine!

What better time to upload some more video from my “Church Lady Cake” project than the day before Easter. Actually, Johari Rashad is 7th Day Adventist, so she may be rising and shining today. I’m on the other calendar and will make my church appearance tomorrow. Considering the last two posts, this video segment continues […]