September Haps in DC

Inside the Beltway is quite exciting this time of year for all the best reasons…and this just scratches the surface. Sunday, September 5, 6 PM Graywolf Press and CAS/51 celebrates the publication of SKIN, INC. – Identity Repair Poems by Thomas Sayers Ellis (see the eclectique interview with Ellis) CAS/51 510 Randolph Street, Washington, DC […]

Eclectique Summers start in May

Today is the beginning of summer for me. I’m wrapping up contracts and starting to look at the summer calendars for a few weeks of catchup around town. Though airfares are great, and there are plenty vacation deals out there, there’s a certain challenge to finding something new and interesting just outside your doorstep. STARTING […]

Taking the Hill

For someone like me who grew up in D.C. neighborhoods, Capitol Hill was like another world, an island unto itself. That was called “Washington,” we lived in “D.C.” The feeling from the Hill seemed to be mutual and the divide has widened over the years. My sister once described official Washington as a college campus: […]


I hate when I can’t figure out how to insert Spanish punctuation into documents and messages from my keyboard. But I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t give a shout out for National Hispanic Heritage Month which started September 15th and ends October 15. And I would lose some major cool points with some dear […]