I haven’t said anything about the Oscars, and nothing much (definitely very little positive) about “Precious.” I had issues with the movie in the context of story, subject, society, vision, community. But I certainly respected Mo’Nique’s performance. She owned it, and I wished more of her interpretation of the role was included in the context of the script/story. But that’s another show or another post. Abdul Ali gave “Precious” some perspective.

Yeah, Mo’Nique, I got all the Hattie McDaniel references in your Oscar dress and the gardenia on the red carpet. I also know McDaniel is the subject of a film project Mo’Nique’s developing. It may not be about the politics, but it’s definitely about the promotion. Now that Mo’Nique’s got the little man, light goes green…perhaps. Your first task may be to find Hattie’s 1940 Oscar (for Best Supporting Actress in “Gone With the Wind”) which is reported to have disappeared after she willed it to Howard University following her death in 1952. Efforts have been made to have another statue reissued to Hattie McDaniel. Going missing doesn’t cut it with the Academy. But did Hattie really get one? Statues weren’t issued for supporting roles in those days. Perhaps the biggest mystery is why the Academy told a San Diego reporter that they have no record of McDaniel ever receiving the honor.

Put Mo’Nique on the case. But it might take some politiking to get the job done.

Complete list of 2010 Academy Award winners available here.