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Tues., December 17 at 10p ET/9p CT/8p PT

The Film: Playwright: From Page to Stage is a cinema vérité documentary that takes an intimate look at the development of two new plays, showing how creative teams are assembled and collaborate, detailing everything from the intense rehearsal process to achieving one of theater’s ultimate goals: the arrival on a Broadway stage in New York City.

The film follows two young playwrights, Rajiv Joseph and Tarell McCraney, as they burst onto the scene, bringing real-world perspective to create theater that is fresh and new. Their success ignites tremendous interest in their work, and we follow as one of the plays, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, reaches Broadway, with Robin Williams in the lead role of The Tiger.

Guest panelists (live chat)

Playwright: From Page to Stage broadcasts Monday, December 16, 2013 at 10 PM ET on the Emmy-Award winning series “Independent Lens” (check local listings) ; followed by the social screening event, Tuesday December 17 at 10 PM ET on OVEE.

DISCLOSURE: I’m producing this online OVEE event which not affiliated with this blog. But the guests are pretty awesome if you’re into theater.

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