The President’s Weekly: Health Insurance Reform – Buyer Be Aware

Okay, the term is back to “health insurance reform.” “Health care reform” I would guess refers to treatment not payments. What I’m hearing from the outcome of the bill the President will sign is consumer protection reforms for health insurance purchases by employers, employees, and seniors purchasing medications. [I guess this is a “bye-bye” signal […]

Second Place, But No Crown for Palin in the VP Debate

The most gracious thing I can say about Gov. Sarah Palin’s debate performance last night was that she did not go out a loser — but like the Miss Alaska contest, she didn’t get the crown either. Senator Joe Biden was the clear winner of the night. Both VP candidates disappointed their opposing parties and […]

YES! Credentialed!

Yesterday, I had to be queen of the hustle. I was determined this was going to be a make-or-break day. The goal was to get that “credential” to get into the Pepsi Center and see the hall of delegates, state signs, the funny hats. And YES! I got in. Somehow, on this mission, I got […]