What the world needs now are jobs sweet jobs. Somewhere I heard there was rioting in Iceland because of high unemployment. Why didn’t the established media report on this or the fact that the financial collapse in Iceland resulted in a new election? Maybe it’s because if the conflict is in the details of the stimulus bill, and if derailing the bill makes good copy — so we feature more politicians who are against the stimulus than for it — then we will have the drama of Iceland and Greece here at home. Bad for the country but great for ratings.

The established media isn’t about prevention. (please read my sarcasm or HOLD MY EARRINGS!). Also check out this interview on “Bill Moyers Journal” (2/6/09) with Jay Rosen (PressThink) and Glenn Greenwald (Salon.com) – “Is the established press preventing political change.” I took away the question mark on purpose.

Somwhere I heard an American was travelling in Korea. They were on a train and noticed all their fellow passengers talking on their cell phones while the train was travelling through a long tunnel. Gee, I can’t even get cell phone service in an elevator. The stimulus talks about building and improving infrastructure. The U.S. is still partying like it’s 1999. Everyone else has left the building.