Correction: Cynthia Gregory and Ivan Nagy were principals with American Ballet Theatre (ABT), not Stuttgart Ballet as previously mentioned in this post. But the post’s praise for the Stuttgart Ballet still stands. And at the time of this film, ABT was reaching new artistic heights. MB

The New York Times Arts section has been running a series of articles focusing on people’s first arts crushes. Yesterday’s post focused on dance. I posted the article link on Facebook. My first dance crush was Gene Kelly in “Singin’ in the Rain” followed by an “American in Paris.” Needless to say, film was the beginning of my dance crush until I started attending live events with spectacular dance companies.

My sister mentioned a film that certainly sealed the deal for a dance crush. “In a Rehearsal Room,” a 1976 short featuring Cynthia Gregory and Ivan Nagy principals with the the Stuttgart Ballet (Germany). The Stuttgart Ballet was IMO the best story ballet companies in the world. Superior dance and acting techniques.

“In a Rehearsal Room” is a pas a deux to the music of Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major. The film made it an instant hit. The choreography’s by William Carter; the film os directed by David Hahn.

It brings me great pleasure to post “In a Rehearsal Room” today. It’s time to focus on something uplifting for a bit. For me, “In a Rehearsal Room” is one of the most beautiful and romantic dance moments ever filmed.

In A Rehearsal Room from American Arts Trust on Vimeo.