The list of over 10 million from President Barack Obama’s campaign has already received the call to host Economic Recovery Plan meetings in their homes and communities. Go to this link:

To review the $819 billion stimulus bill (H.R. 5140) passed by the [partisan] Congress this week, go to this link:

Since the Washington Post has nixed Book World and Sunday Source, that frees up more time for other kinds of reading. BTW the bill is 647 pages long.

I do plan to attend one of the Economic Recovery House Meetings. Here are some questions that have been on my mind.

1. Where is the money coming from? – this may be the most difficult one to answer outside the Treasury Department.
2. What is good debt and what is bad debt? We’re going to have debt no doubt either way so you might as well qualify it.
3. What is the for real value of our “assets” or is there more hype value than substance?
4. Is “tax cutting” a new religion or an obsession? I know a few people who are doing financially well and have said they’ll pay higher taxes or forgo the tax cut if it helps the country.
5. HOLD MY EARRINGS!!! – TARP. When will a bank and finance accountability and regulation mob committee be installed? What should be the rules and regulations for TARP funds?

Keep an inquiring mind.