Time for The Angle Break

After seeing this, buying that latte will have a whole new meaning. Gemal Woods sat down with Kenneth Ferdinand in New Orleans for an hour to record this interview about the first enterprising coffee maker, Rose Nicaud, an enslaved woman who sold her own roasted cafe noir and cafe au lait from a cart. Kenneth […]

“The Angle” on Eclectique916.com

Gemal Woods is doing something exciting out of his Park Triangle shop. And this blog has mentioned it before. It’s “The Angle.” A few weeks ago I went to check it out in person. Did I hear him say he has 2000 interviews recorded? Obviously there’s more to this than just an angle. I’m giving […]

Countdown to 2012 – Things to Do

A lot of stuff is about to close down come 2012 — here in DC. There are a few things I’d like to see; one, I’ve already been there and done. Andy Warhol’s Headlines National Gallery of Art – until January 2, 2012 This one’s a maybe. It got a lot of good local press […]