In Defense of Fried Chicken – Part 6

This post should be titled “In Defense of Fried Chicken…and Mary J. Blige”. I’ve been saving this for awhile to see how a few fried chicken developments would pan out. It’s been almost 2 months since MJB’s fans threw a chicken fit over a YouTube posting of an unfinished commercial with the queen of Hip […]

In Defense of Fried Chicken (Part 4)

Speaking of oil…. Every since I started this series on fried chicken, seems like everybody’s got a chicken story. In fact, we now have a new saying…”3 chicken bones of separation.” Or “Chicken Bones for the Finger Lickin’ Soul,” the potential title of an upcoming anthology. I’m almost serious. And I’m almost up to my […]

In Defense of Fried Chicken (Part 3)

Years and years ago, I told the mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves, (before she became a star) that I couldn’t sit through an opera performance. That I couldn’t listen to opera unless I was doing something at the same time…like frying chicken. Well, that’s what I’m doing today. I’m frying chicken. And I’m going to select a […]