Apparently, someone’s trying to trip up first-time voters in Virginia with a flyer scam: the phony State Board of Elections flyer reads Republicans vote November 4 and Democrats vote November 5. (Third parties were omitted.) The flyer was spoted in Hampton Roads.

First of all, we know election day for all parties is November 4th. Right? There will be a quiz. Second, the author(s) of the flyer apparently is transparent about letting us in on their political leanings.

Even though I’ve never missed a major election since the day I registered to vote at age 18. (I did miss one local initiative special ballot – I’m so ashamed), I can see how the state-by-state rules and regulations can be a daunting experience for the first-time voter especially if you are a first-time voter/citizen from a country where the registration and voting process is a whole lot less complicated or you don’t have any voting rights at all.

I guess this latest shimmy sham reflects what my 87-year-old aunt and native Virginian from Fairfax County said to me this weekend: “What’s happened to McLean? It’s turning blue.” It’s not a problem for her, but apparently it seems to be a problem for somebody.