Some people will say the debut of The Beatles on the “Ed Sullivan Show” was broadcast TV’s greatest moment. For me, it was this….

Michael Jackson , the lead singer for the 1970s brothers pop group The Jackson 5, and the solo “King of Pop,” died this afternoon in Los Angeles. He had a heart attack.

I’m stunned.

The LA Times has a full page of articles and tributes on their site. Apparently heavy web traffic stalled Twitter, TMZ, the LA Times and other sources for updates on Michael Jackson who died from cardiac arrest. The family statement was made by Michael’s older brother Jermaine.

People are taking to the streets. DJs are spinning some of the old records. People are remembering the dance steps. I found my Jackson 5 “3rd Album.” My “Off the Wall” must be in storage. We’re all singing old Jackson 5 hits and Michael’s solo songs over the phone. ITunes has them up. The old skating rinks are gone where you glided over the floor to “Rock With You.” How do you do the moon walk on wheels? I’m moved by the generations of testimonies and memories of many who grew up with Michael Jackson. Some are just discovering that brown child with the Afro and apple cap who was a super star before morphing to “The King of Pop.” It speaks to Michael’s enormous influence on the culture. Michael broke the color barrier on MTV – the first music video broadcast on the channel featuring an African American performer.

There will be a USPS stamp in time, but which Michael will be immortalized? Flip through the photo albums on line from his childhood on up. I get the feeling it will be the “Thriller” Michael with the “ABC” Michael in the shadows.

I’m still stunned.