Back on the block with Ellington “Jass” June 28

Sometimes the best gift for the Father who doesn’t want or need things is the gift of your time, an experience, a walk and sharing stories about your favorite music. Give your favorite dad the gift of story and make a memory. "Ellington, Shaw & U" "jass" walking tour, Sunday, June 28…. Posted by Michon […]

All that “Jass” in DC’s U Street/Shaw Neighborhoods (April 19)

Ellington, Shaw & U: The House that “Jass” Built “Irresistable Jass” is how E.K. Ellington aka “Duke” Ellington promoted his small band of DC musicians in the Washington phone directory — available for school dances, embassy parties, country clubs, cabarets and house parties. Ellington, Shaw & U takes you on an historical journey of the […]

The First Lady’s Weekly…and the President’s

Maybe you feel like no one has your back, like you’ve been let down by people so many times that you’ve stopped believing in yourself. Maybe you feel like your destiny was written the day you were born and you ought to just rein in your hopes and scale back your dreams. — Michelle Obama, […]

“Glee” – Reaching for perfect pitch

Back in the 70s hey day D.C.’s McKinley High School was the school the musician types went to. McKinley had music lessons and a decent marching band. The theater and dance folks enrolled in an after-school program called Workshops for Careers in the Arts. They met in the student union at GWU, and a garage-type […]