I usually do my tearing up before I meet the public. My family and I are going to an inauguraation watch party at Station 9 on U Street hosted by the DC for Obama volunteers. DC for Obama paddled my sanity canoe to safe shores when we were going down the rapids of the campaign. They will be my shore during the Obama presidency.

The Senate Inaugural Committee has set up an audio and video stream for the inauguration ceremonies at this link: http://inaugural.senate.gov./.

I’ve set up a small display in my home:

My commemorative inauguration invitation hangs on the wall. My uncle’s flag (a WWII veteran) is on a table. It hasn’t been displayed since his death over 15 years ago.

My Constitution signed by Chief Justice Warren Burger. On that day he showed me a sculpture he was working on for the Franklin Mint. The things you don’t know about people.

A shell casing from the military salute at my father’s funeral (also a WWII veteran).

A business card and tea bag given to me by Juanita Bagby, known as the Tea Praises lady who prepared ceremonial cultural teas for DC youth. Juanita died over a year ago from cancer; she had no health insurance.

My pass to the Rules and By-Laws Committee meeting during the primaries – my first exposure to real smack down political drama as the DNC wrestled over Michigan and Florida delegates. No time for PUMAs now.

A copy of The Audacity of Hope. I’m still hoping and hopingto get it signed. I carried it to Denver. I’m going to get it signed. It’s a first edition. I knew when I read it, Barack Obama was going to run for President.

My ticket to Obama’s acceptance speech as the Democratic nominee in Denver’s Invesco Field. Thanks to DC for Obama (Kim Morton) and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation staff and volunteers, Denver may have been a bust for me. A shout out to Arrington Dixon for making a dream come true – to be on the convention floor — my first time. It was electric.

Finally, the ears of corn for my indigenous ancestors starting with my great grandmother, Henrietta and to the peoples before there was a USA. To all my grandparents and greats, and uncles, aunts, and friends now gone, I’m here TODAY for you and of you.

This is the Day You Have Made.