Workin’ It

Source: via Sarah @ The Pajama Chef on Pinterest Does this really work? Also, check out STRONG!, a film by Julie Wyman about the Olympian weighlifting Bronze medalist Cheryl Haworth. Today at brunch, Cheryl referred to her “bigness” — I call it her “awsomeness.” [And I’ve never used that word before in public.] That […]

Here’s the Dirt!

ITVS Community Cinema is presenting preview screenings of the documentary DIRT! The Movie during the month of March. If you’re reading this from outside Washington, DC, you can find a screening near you at Actually, we’re talking about soil when we’re talking about sustainability and life. But “dirt” seems to give the title a […]

Life Is What Happens “Between the Folds”

For me origami has been more than just paper folding. Once you get the hang of the basic folds, it’s pretty calming for the head and the hands. I’ve used origami to center myself, to step away from the multi-tasked brain. I’ve also used it to calm tweeners. As I said, once you get the […]

Eclectique News

Message from Thomas Sayers Ellis. See you September 30th TOWARDS A MORE CIVIL UNION – JIM LEACH, CHAIRMAN OF THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES “In our society we rightly identify hate words with racial, ethnic, and gender slurs. What are we therefore to make of the usage or what more aptly might be described […]

San Francisco Chronicle

I can see Alcatraz from my window. Each year Community Cinema Regional Outreach Coordinators and Producing Partners get together for our annual retreat here in San Francisco. It’s the big check in before we launch the new season of free documentary screenings in our cities and communities. This year, Nashville, TN and Little Rock, AR […]