Chicago ’68 or New York ’04?

Chicago 10
Chicago 10
Is St. Paul, Minnesota gearing up for another Chicago ’68 or NYC ’04? During the weekend, members of the St. Paul and Ramsey County sheriff’s office conducted pre-convention raids on citizens supsected of anti-war protests during the Republican Convnention. Video and story are available on via

Apparently, these preemptive strikes haven’t deterred anti-war marchers who made their way from the Minnesota state capital to the Xcel Center today where the subdued day 1 of the RNC convention is taking place. Convention events have been delayed to monitor activities related to Hurricaine Gustav, now downgraded to a category 2 which has some New Orleaneans breathing a sigh of relief. Let’s see how the levees hold up with the rising water. Apparently, Gustav has given Bush/Cheney a hall pass from the convention, saving the candidate McCain from further public association, although in ’04 the public display of closeness produced a photo op (the hug) that might be a little difficult to shake off.

Chicago ’68 didn’t happen in Denver for all the anticipation by Rush chaos operators, PUMA, anarchists, and media hypos. Not that there weren’t any scuffles or run ins with police. CodePink has a video link to the Rocky Mountain News from day 1 of the DNC convention. That police person who hit the CodePink protester was removed from demonstration duty. [My grandfather, one of the biggest, baddest men in the county, had absolutely no respect for men who hit women.]

CodePink has been invited to report in this Thursday, September 4 @ 6:30 PM, when ITVS and WHUT present a free screening of the documentary CHICAGO 10 at Busboys and Poets (2021 14th St., NW). There’s a reservation request email: After the film there will be a community dialogue with activists from 1968 and 2008. Other Community Cinema screenings of CHICAGO 10 are happening in over 50 venues across the country during the months of September and October. Visit CHICAGO 10 will broadcast on Independent Lens on PBS stations in October.