Eclectique Citizen: The President’s Weekly

When the President shared his unfavorable opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission case during his January state-of-the-Union address (the US Supreme Court decided 5-4 in favor of Citizens United), he got a visible tisk-tisk from Chief Justice John Roberts for admonishing the Court, and some flack from the […]

Eclectique Citizen: The President’s Weekly; BP

I actually took some time today to see how stocks were performing. Last week, the President signed the Wall Street reform legislation into law. One thing that’s interesting about Wall Street, uncertainty and the unknown creeps them out more so than reform and regulation etc. Once they know what it is, put a dollar figure […]

Cause Celeb’

I’m always tickled when parents freak out over a child’s decision to pursue acting in college. For the straight and narrow parent, it’s the “throwing good money after bad money” call. Personally, most of the serious actors I’ve known my lifetime were intelligent, insightful, and committed. The challenge was the ability to make a living […]

Eclectique Citizen: The President’s Weekly

Transcript available here. This week the President made his third trip to the Louisiana coast in lieu of a trip to Australia and Indonesia, to check on the lack of progress of BP’s next move on capping the oil pipe as well as the lack of confidence in the administration’s ability to bring BP to […]