Whether with a look, a dramatic pause, or a sarcastic snap of the word whip, no one could give a punch line a knock out punch like Bea Arthur (1926 – 2009).

She was born Bernice Frankel in New York City. Her family moved to the Chesapeake Maryland area where her father owned a clothing store. Arthur started her career track as a medical technician until she decided to move to New York and enrolled in the New School’s Dramatic Workshop. A life-changing choice. She won an Emmy for her role as Maude Finley in Norman Lear’s “All in the Family” spin-off “Maude” in 1977; and for her role as Dorothy Zbornak in “The Golden Girls.” Bea Arthur was 86. Actress Rue McClanahan appeared with Arthur in both “Maude” and “The Golden Girls.”

I guess that closes the curtain on any “Golden Girls” reunion.