How Fragile They Are

Murals are fragile things. They bring vibrant color and life to what was once dead spaces. As the years and the weather pounds on them, their colors begin to fade. Or a new building will cover the damage and the narratives of the past. I’ve been noting the visual music of U Street and Shaw […]

Live Blogging the DC Primaries from Busboys and Poets

We don’t expect Wolf Blitzer and Star Wars holograms of Will-i-am to be on the big screen for this election “watch night” at Busboys and Poets. But then it’s April Fools Day. And it’s the DC local primary elections. There are three areas that I’ll be watching re the outcome of the mayoral primaries for […]

Rich Street? Poor Street?

“According to researchers at the University of North Texas, residents in neighborhoods with streets named after King are $6,000 poorer than residents in neighborhoods without one.” Source: CORLORLINES I don’t have the exact figures in my head, but just on face value and first impressions this quote illustrates what I’ve seen all my life on […]

A Night at the Political Theater – NAACP DC Chapter’s Centennial Dinner

NOTE: This post has been UPDATED. See last paragraph. Last night I attended the Centennial Anniversary Dinner for the Washington, DC Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) at the Washington Hilton. I was invited by Andy Shallal (pictured with Councilmember-at-Large Anita Bonds), who’s considering a run for Mayor of […]

Should Andy Run? Washington, DC and the State of the Race

Early this morning, in the Langston Room of the Busboys and Poets 14th Street restaurant, the owner, Andy Shallal sat with friends from radio, journalism, communications, executive and former executive directors and board chairs of NGOs, non-profits and think tanks, political operatives…and me. With his signature peace mural that Andy painted himself in the backdrop […]