“In Washington, we are trying to come back to the table, where we gather friends and family, where we want to eat together because the food is nourishing and tasty.”
Alice Waters, owner of Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA

I like this quote for more reasons than just food.

Chez Panisse chef Alice Waters will be in town for the inauguration preparing a local grown feast at the Phillips Collection on Dupont for 150 or so people at $500/plate January 19. $350 of the prix fix meal will support Martha’s Table, DC Central Kitchen as well as the FRESHFARMS markets, which brings local grown organic open air markets to D.C. and Maryland communities. The dinner/fundraiser is already SOLD OUT.

The wine selected is from an Oregon vineyard – Ponzi Vineyards. Don’t leave your glass idle too long or you may find it empty 😉

Apparently, Alice broke her voter fast in 2008. According to the Huffington Post blurb, Ms. Waters hasn’t voted since 1966 after a friend of her’s, Bob Scheer, an activist and journalist with an anti-Vietnam platform lost his primary challenge to the establishment Democrat congressman.