A Seat for Lincoln at the Thanksgiving Table

I struggle this year with the Thanksgiving holiday. Standing Rock is on my mind and coupling the injustices with the mythology of “The First Thanksgiving” makes me want to throw my pumpkin pie at the wall. November has been that kind of month when the divisions are crystal clear. They were always there. There was […]

The First Meal of the 44th President

After the swearing-in ceremonies, Barack Obama and Joesph Biden will enjoy their first meal as President and Vice President of the United States in the U.S. Capitol’s Statutary Hall. This is the hall where various life-size statues of state political figures circle the great room. It’s the same room where I accompanied a group of […]

2009 – All Roads Lead to Lincoln

Today I read President-elect Barack Obama will take the Oath of Office January 20, 2009 using the Lincoln Bible. I’m not talking about a versioning of the bible with a Lincoln-like writing style, but the 16th President’s own bible in which he laid his hand when he took the Oath of Office in 1861. The […]