The Smithsonian NMAAHC: Experiencing a Work in Progress

Saturday, September 24, the Smithsonian Institution dedicates and officially throw open the doors to its newest museum on the National Mall – the National Museum of African American History and Culture. There will be a ribbon cutting with museum founding director Lonnie Bunch and President Barack Obama among other dignitaries and celebrity contributors. Music performances, […]

DC Film Festivals’ Bottom Line – AFI DOCS 2016

Washington, DC has film festivals, not markets. That’s the difference between DC and Sundance, Toronto, Tribeca. But there’s another bottom line for DC film festivals: IMPACT. How does a story move people to action? Support key legislation? Who should see it and why? What understandings or changes are inspired? AFI DOCS devotes 5 days (June […]


Eternally “GREATful” Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)

The death of champion boxer and humanitarian Muhammad Ali seems to bring the 20th century to its final and definitive close. He called himself “The Greatest.” “Champion” wouldn’t do. It’s rare, when someone calls him/herself “The Greatest” and the title sticks even in times of defeat. Because it’s not about accomplishments and winning, but who […]

The Black Panthers on PBS Tonight

Watch the full-length version of #BlackPanthersPBS Feb 16, 9p/8c on @IndependentLens @RepBarbaraLee @RepBobbyRush — Indie Lens Pop-Up DC (@ILPopUpDC) February 12, 2016 We would not have a movement without all the artists and activists who supported us. #ErickaHuggins #arts #BlackPanthersPBS — Independent Lens|PBS (@IndependentLens) February 7, 2016 All former Panthers are involved in social […]

“Concussion” Brother-to-Brother: an Eclectique Interview

Note: This post has been updated Once again the fact-checking debate is on. This time it’s Concussion featuring Will Smith as the Nigerian-born pathologist Bennett Omalu who diagnosed the repetitive head-trauma disease suffered by NFL players known as CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy). During the opening credits of Concussion I noticed the titles were animated to […]